Focus: Safety clothing and accessories

Sir Safety System, presents itself as a leading company in the sector of safety clothing. Companies of worldwide importance find in SIR SAFETY SYSTEM a qualified partner to whom they rely on a daily basis for the safety of their workers.

“MAN IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GOOD”; this is the philosophy that has always guided Sir Safety System, an avant-garde company that, thanks to a multinational approach, has become a leader in the sector of protection at work. With a noble mission to pursue: to defend the conditions and the life of those who daily go into action in their work, whether it be hard, dangerous or heavy.

This is the way the company has chosen to make its personal contribution to the world of the future. Which must be a safer world.

Product spotlight



The patented Responder® technology used in the midsole and footbed of the series, represents a real breakthrough in high-performance sole compounds. Thousands of ETPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) beads with high elasticity and resilience properties, are bound together by a stable, high-resistance compound. This combination creates an outstanding responsive cushioning, extreme lightweightness and flexibility over the entire surface of the foot, thus assuring excellent performance even after prolonged and intense use.
This new concept of cushioning helps to save energy much longer than traditional soles, providing the wearer with the best energy return on the market, together with an unprecedented control, stability and ability to adapt.
Responder® midsole spans the entire sole of the foot providing flexibility and full responsive cushioning. The rubber outsole, with deep longitudinal grooves, accentuates the flexibility of the sole and ensures excellent grip on all types of surfaces. The heel stabilizer prevents foot fatigue and improves foot stability. The combination of all these components allows for a smooth roll-over for an exceptional stride progression.


The “Faster” closure system, fitted on some models in the series, allows to adjust the fit perfectly, making the lacing more even and keeping the tension constant over time. A wide range of uppers made with ultra-modern technologies and high-quality materials complete the ultra-dynamic design of this new footwear series.