Focus: Magnetic mechanical solutions

Founded in 1974 in Caravaggio (BG), Italy, S.P.D. S.p.A. vaunts real specialisation in the design and production of equipment that exploits the potential of magnetic and electromagnetic technology. Its great expertise and experience developed over the years have enabled it to put forward increasingly complex solutions, in which innovation, research and development play a primary role.

Product Spotlight


Our electro-permanent solutions allow milling, boring and drilling operations on pieces of various shapes and sizes, drastically reducing clamping times and ensuring high precision.
The magnetic chuck for milling operations, thanks to the electropermanent technology, does not overheat, does not deform, does not suffer from interruptions in the power supply.
It can be activated in a fraction of a second and with a single input of energy, generating a homogeneous, stable and permanent force field. The work-piece remains safely clamped even after the control unit has been disconnected.