Fixing and Clamping Systems

Focus: Fixing and Clamping Systems Swiss Tool Systems AG is one of the world's leading suppliers of modular tooling systems. The product range originates from modular drilling systems, where the company's trademark values such as absolute precision, high flexibility and proverbially Swiss reliability come from.
Focus: Refrigeration Systems. Leading company in the sector of premium tool holder systems. Prodotto in evidenzaReCool per ER reCool lets you retrofit your existing static or driven tooling system to internal cooling at low-cost. Suitable for both oil and emulsion.
Focus: Clamping pliers Switzerland-based company with a wealth of experience in clamping tools production. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTSRS & articles for grinding applications The SRS (Schaublin Runout adjustment System; pat pend) is a collet chuck that will clamp raw material or blanks. The system allows the operator to adjust the concentricity of the collet to obtain minimal runout[...]

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